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Its been over a year since Skyler's death, though the days seem to be not as intense for me as when we first were made aware of our Skyler's decision ~ I cry at the most random moments, I yearn for something, but I can't put my finger on it, or even know half the time what I feel. I feel stuck; like I'm trying to accomplish something but what is it that I'm feeling or wanting to accomplish? I wonder WHY the family has to be finding a new normal.

WHAT I am suppose to be doing with and for my other children, I catch myself always talking about Skyler in most topics, this probably should stop , just for the sake of the needs of my other children. HOW can this seriously be happening, how do I stop ~ I am at loss half the time as to just how to put my life back to some kind of direction.

This is some of my thoughts ~ these thoughts race through my mind day in day out. ~ I'm gonna get this new normal. just haven't found the glitch to fix.

Not sure where Skyler's friend Cayson found this picture ….but ….. OH CAYSON!!

Thank you for an accurate depiction.

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