• Wendy Gardner

"I needed a timeout"

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I attended a suicide conference a while back and came home with a deep despair within my heart~ I never know what will trigger me....

I wished that I could control my feeling; and not feel like a derailed box car at times!

It has been really hard to deal with the news of many other friends and neighbors taking their lives, OH how the pain we feel for them and for what they are feeling. Feelings resurface of our moment of despair, as we received the news of Skyler's passing, and then its like a whole new scab is picked off ~ As we see and watch our friends and loved ones having to go through this same moment in their lives.

I don't take credit for this photo; but I believe it truly depicts a feeling from within with many emotions we all can feel at any given moment and event that we get to embrace in this journey were on!

I am ready to start again, to serve, to LOVE and to continue to learn ways that will better myself and to assist others in my process of learning to love myself.

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