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Almost ONE year!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

If i was to think about the past 341 days and sum up the way I feel about having you as my son Skyler; I'd have to say I feel GRATITUDE witha whole lotta love for you. If i was to sum up a word from one mother to another in how to handle the long dazed uncontrollable crying moments that come as if you were riding a roller coaster with your eyes shut. Not knowing at any given moment what was ahead of you, feeling complete vulnerability as the idea of never knowing when the tears will flow and feeling the uncontrolled emotions that come at any given moment! This word would have to be GRATTITUDE as well. I am soooo very grateful to have had the years tender and raw to love my son. Be patient with yourself ~ Give yourself permission to just be in the moment that your in.

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