Our purpose is to promote self-love, advocate self-acceptance, and share tools and resources that will help us ALL learn to see the best within ourselves. 

We all have faults, and we all have weaknesses. The key to self-love and self-acceptance is learning to forgive ourselves when we fall short and being patient with ourselves while we work to improve our situations.

It's ok. Sometimes we just forget who we really are!


What do you need to be more at peace with yourself?

Is there anything tugging on your heart that you know you need to do to be more at peace with yourself?  Maybe it is telling someone the truth, setting up boundaries for yourself, or even taking an honest look at your current self-care practices and making changes as you see fit.  Is there anything you could do today to act on that and live from a place of love instead of fear?


Wear a bracelet today

We would like to send you two free bracelets; one to wear and one to share. We apologize if you have not received your bracelet, we would ask that you double check that you have sent me a complete address ~ some of your addresses have come back as UN -deliverable ~ feel free to email us for larger quantity requests at 

Bracelets are free and available to wear as a reminder for all of us to love ourselves.

We would love for you to help us spread this message.

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